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I’m Anutam Kundu. I’m a blogger and a student of Filmmaking. Currently I’m pursuing my graduation on Filmmaking. Side by side, I also do research about films, especially on Bengali Films.

In this website, I write down articles about film technicalities and theories in Bengali. And to elaborate things,  I take examples of Bengali Films. There are 8 categories on film in main menu. Those are New Films, Old Films, Filmy Personality, Scene Breakdowns, Story and Script, Music and Cartoon.

In New Films and Old Films, I used to take examples of Bengali Films. Through those articles, I wanted to show the aesthetic and technical values that Bengali Films had or have. In Filmy Personality section, I mostly take Bengali Film actors, directors as an example and write down researched article on it. In Story and Script section, I try to elaborate how to make characters, how to develop proper screenplay and script and talking about some literary things or tools. In scene Breakdown section, I used to take some iconic scene and try to convey the director’s motif and their messages to the audience.

Every time I used to take examples of Bengali films or Indian Films. I try to make this website as a Film Studies website. I want to cover detailed part about Filmmaking, including it’s story and script, cinematography, acting, costumes,  sets, production, music and it’s value. Proper film websites are rare in Bengali. So that I want to make it a fully filmy website where articles are written in Bengali.

In this About us section I try to elaborate who am I and ehat is the main purpose or reason to open this website called Udonto News.

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